MABON International Giveaway WINNER …

Lysette Lam will soon receive her limited edition, signed Mabon book cover poster … and a few extra bits that could be fit into the postal tube – no koalas though!

Congratulations to Lysette … and a massive thanks to those who entered the competition, the wonderful websites that hosted it and Roxanne Rhoads (Bewitching Book Tours) for holding my hand through the process.

I’m still checking the Bewitching Book Tour stops for any questions that readers may have for me regarding Mabon or writing. or click the link below to check out where Mabon had been featured – although some sites may have archived their Mabon features now.

AMAZON is offering the Mabon eBook for 70 cents on the US online store … it’s not free but it’s still cheap!

Grab a copy and enjoy the read … then leave me a quick ‘g’day’ either by joining the Clandestine Reading Coven (accessible on all site pages of my website) or a review on ‘Goodreads’ – yep, I’m over there too.

The coven is my new reading group. Here I’ll be sending out bonus material from The Clandestine Chronicles. You know, the fun stuff … illustrations, book excerpts, giveaways, and some fun tidbits from my UK research trip for Book 2 ‘Yule’. You’ll be the first to see the new book covers and I’ll possibly be asking you some witchy questions! So join on up … I’ll be waiting for you.

That sounded a bit creepy …

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