Love or Magic ... which would you choose?

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When I write, I’m prone to mental wanderings in search of actual pictures of the images my brain is creating – people, places all play their part.

So, here’s a little visual I put together to help my readers understand what I was seeing and feeling when I wrote Mabon.

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… to see the book trailer.


Print or ebook? I say ‘either’.

Grab a copy and enjoy the read … then leave me a quick ‘g’day’ either by joining the Clandestine Reading Coven (accessible on all site pages of my website) or a review on ‘Goodreads’ – yep, I’m over there too. If you’ve purchased and downloaded from Amazon – thank you. A little something in the reviews sections is of massive benefit for an Indie like me … hugely appreciated.

The coven is my new reading group. Here I’ll be sending out bonus material from The Clandestine Chronicles. You know, the fun stuff … illustrations, book excerpts, giveaways, and some fun tidbits from my UK research trip for Book 2 ‘Yule’. You’ll be the first to see the new book covers and I’ll possibly be asking you some witchy questions! So join on up … I’ll be waiting for you.

That sounded a bit creepy …

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… for more information about Mabon, Aurora House publishing … and me.

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