Fiona Horne on Mabon Book 1 of The Clandestine Chronicles –

“Davies weaves together a complex tale of magic and romance in this sweeping adventure. The world of heritage Witchcraft is well researched and compelling as our heroine navigates her way through arcane secrets and solutions. Davies passion for this story and her characters is clear – this is the first book of four. Can’t wait for book two!”



Lucy and Gil are on the pages of Mabon, ready for you to meet.

Book 1 of The Clandestine Chronicles, ‘Mabon’ released to Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble this week. As a debut novelist, this is an exciting time. Reviews have been generous and favorable.

Finally, you can meet and hopefully fall in love with Lucy as she trips and stumbles over witchcraft and love, on her way to defending her family and friends from the dark reaches of her ancestry.



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