Wow! How many people have titled their blog post 'ramblings'? Can't be just me ... it's not. 14, 700, 000 recorded entries on Google with the likes of radio networks and Twitter weighing in. I'm rambling for a good reason, writing. Writer's block and I are great friends at the moment. We walk together through … Continue reading Ramblings.

Friday Delights.

Can't wait for Friday. Heading to Brisbane to visit with my gorgeous editor Josepha Dietrich. She is launching her memoir, an inspiring story of cancer survival and more. Head to Avid Reader Bookshop for more info, or click the link below: avidreader.com.au/events/josepha-dietrich-in-danger


Yep, on holiday. It's lovely here. My parents have flown the fam away for a birthday and it is, truly, lovely. The weather's been beautiful, the location 5 star... check the Insta photos...just stunning.... ...BUT... a publishing house has registered it's interest and it's on my mind...constantly. K