Snap-packed storage brain.

These days my wish for a brain as compartmentalized as an IKEA storage unit appears to be going unnoticed. With so many ‘big’ things coming up over the next few months, it would be much easier to have a brain space where I could keep everything nice and neat in separate storage boxes… you know, the fancy ones with loads of drawers and tight lids, so no loose ends escape. They’d be brightly-colored boxes indicating each different event…like post-it notes, letting me know the immediate dangers of missing something important.

And so the list goes…

Number 1 daughter (in age) is moving schools. Don’t worry, she’s ecstatic as the art department is thumping and art is ‘her thing’, but there are fees to organize and new school uniforms and forms…so many forms, and new parents to meet…

Number 2 daughter turns 5 tomorrow. She’s pretty easy…Superheros party is ‘done and dusted’ and ‘all things Wonder Woman’ purchased for said birthday, but having grandparents over is stressful as house has to be ‘en-pointe’ which is always fun with small children!

Number 1 daughter also has a birthday soon, turns 10. Another milestone, ‘double digits’ as she can often be heard singing. This party has been harder to organize than a wedding – there are so many delicate friendships to juggle at this age – some staying and some moving on as she does between schools. Party place, invitations, food and drinks, and don’t forget the cake! The purchasing of presents has been a little more expensive too, given she’s headed out of the child stage and into the tween years. Budgeting to make that happen has been fun! (No, not really).

The Southern Hemisphere recently celebrated Father’s Day, and we love Dad. My kids are excited cause it’s “Dad’s Day” to do what he wants to do – more organizing for me and considering I’m lucky to still have my Dad and Father-in-law around, lets include the hours of walking around, scratching my proverbial, in order to extract an idea…what to you get the men in your life when they already have everything…more stuff they don’t need! Oh, and where to celebrate…well, that’s a whole other consideration.

What do ‘they’ say? The third most stressful event after the death of a loved one and divorce is…moving, so why don’t we just throw that into the mix. Yes, why don’t we move…again….that will be five times in the past six years! I have four local real estate agents on speed dial, I’m on countless real estate mailing lists and my iPad opens to…yes, it’s pathetic actually! I will stay ahead of the crowd, I will stay ahead of the crowd…

9 family birthdays, before Christmas and Christmas itself…oh, don’t forget our beloved Halloween (my kids go ga-ga for Halloween, a little bit my fault).

…hmmm, where are those decorations?

Sure I’ll find their location somewhere in my snap-packed storage brain.

1 thought on “Snap-packed storage brain.

  1. Margaret Sullivan October 11, 2017 — 5:54 am

    No need to compartmentalise your brain, there’s enough going on in there as it is.


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