Virtual book tour, live from … my bed!

B5B6532A-8EE5-4EDF-B8F5-E7D68B10DED7 One of the best things about Eastern Standard Time book tours – I get to work from bed! It’s a truly comfy way to work – not too sure about the hunch in my back though, might have to stretch out and snuggle down soon … cause I can, hahahaha!

Here in Oz, the temps are starting to drop finally after another hot summer … we’ve had some record temps during the season and most are welcoming Autumn/Fall. In a timely fashion (cause I’ll still be promoting ‘Mabon’ with Bewitching Book Tours) Mabon is just a few days away and my dinner plans are well in motion. It’s my favourite, not just cause it’s an equinox but it’s the gateway to my favourite season.

Yes, I adore Winter – not just cause I get to say “Winter is coming” in a deep, gravelly voice – I do actually love the cold. I’ll put it all down to a spiritual experience I had quite a few years back – there was a brilliant full moon and loads of snow and me huddled under my massive ski jacket – I watched that moon for hours as it slowly slide across the sky. A singular and soulful experience that I practically froze for … but wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Well, off to snuggle into my blankets … I’ve been glued to the screen now for so long … my tea has gone cold.


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