I’m back … and the inside of my brain is dark indeed.

91BE45EF-49F2-4B9E-97BE-2CFDDA7AFCAEHello … guess you were wondering where I went for six months.

I was still here, just lost a little focus. Self-marketing can do that to you … oh, and steal time away from you like a skilled pick-pocket!

But, I’m back from the depths of my brain (can’t tell you what I found, certainly not my memory) to tell you that Book 1 of The Clandestine Chronicles ‘Mabon’ is performing as expected for a non-traditionally published novel/ebook … but I’m killing myself trying to get the name out there!

So, the UK research trip went well … beyond expectation. It’s important to me to genuinely experience an area I’m writing about and the picturesque village of Long Compton in the UK (about a 1/2 hour north of Oxford) didn’t disappoint.

The Rollright Stones … an entire blog entry on their own (following), Oxford, Bury St Edmunds and London … wow … but it was the lesser known places we visited that pushed the trip to beyond – Packwood House, Moreton-In-Marsh and Banbury.

Want to know what I researched and how it’s linked to The Clandestine Chronicles? Watch this space …


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