How many people have titled their blog post ‘ramblings’?

Can’t be just me … it’s not. 14, 700, 000 recorded entries on Google with the likes of radio networks and Twitter weighing in.

I’m rambling for a good reason, writing. Writer’s block and I are great friends at the moment. We walk together through the day, one protective arm stretched out in front of me like defence in a basketball game, guarding me from any in-coming flashes of brilliance – thanks Writer’s block, thanks.

Oh wait, and here’s my other friend Procrastination. Just going to get a cup of tea, answer some emails, get something to eat ….

… it’s now 3 hours later and I’m finished – everything I DIDN’T have to complete today. Oh when will you return to me ‘thoughts’ … bolster my ever-dwindling focus?

…is that a butterfly?

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